You're never too young to enjoy a good book!

Thank you to this little one's Mommy for sharing such an adorable picture!
January 2019

This little fan insisted on giving me her coloring page.
I gave her two new ones to color for Mommy and Daddy.

Thanks, Dad, for letting me take this picture of your young artist.
September 2018

I Can See
With My Eyes
Shut Tight

Written by: Terry Hojnacki - Illustrated by: Katy Hojnacki

I Can See With My Eyes Shut Tight
is a children's concept book encouraging readers to use their imagination while exploring all their senses.
This book can also be used to teach an understanding of what it might be like if you didn't have one of your senses.
What if you couldn't see?
How can your other senses help create pictures just for you?

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